Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Looking back

I have seen so many bloggers take advantage of the "If I could write a letter to me" theme and the 16 year old you what was really important in life.
Guess what?
I think it is time 16 year old me hears from 26 year old me.
The time has come self and I have a few things I need to hash out with you.

Dear little Ashley,

If you only knew. If you only knew that the things you thought meant the world to you would be mere and distant memories ten years from now. You would do so many things differently. I promise you would...

I can't say that you would get better grades because even though you put in little effort you still managed to have stellar grades. Just goes to show you do have a brain up there too bad you rarely chose to use it.

Let me start this off with the most important thing you should know. You have an identity so please stop trying to be what everyone else expects of you. Please stop worrying about having a boyfriend. You aren't going to marry your highschool sweetheart. You aren't your sister, your soul mate comes later in life. And by later I mean past 26 because we are here. Alone. But it's ok I promise.

Please dear God in heaven realize how beautiful and precious you are. Find happiness in the simple things like a long drive in the car, warm summer days, Harry Potter books, the ability to get your hair done an abnormal amount of time in one year! Enjoy it, love it! Stop sulking. Yes you had it rough with your mom but you have an amazing, astonishing, life shatteringly amazing older sister who quite literally helps you through the hardest things in your life. So appreciate her, appreciate the little things and stop being so angry.

Also just stop wearing sweat pants to highschool. You will do it plenty of times in college ok? Make an effort for like one year of your life at least.

Remember how much you despised that girl Sarah your junior year of highschool? You are an idiot. She becomes one of the most valuable people in your entire life. She is beautiful inside and out and she loves you when most people would want to punch you in the face. She stands by your side for the next 10 years and loves you more than you could ever know. She is the best friend you will ever know.

Remember those parties you just have to go to? Don't. You miss out on playing softball something you love so much for a few hours at a party you shouldn't be at. Just don't. Save yourself the misery and do something good for yourself and dedicate yourself to the team. You'll regret not.

Quit caring about what other people think. Just stop.

Lighten up. You're life isn't that terrible. Yeah your mom kinda sucked growing up, but you had a dad who loved you, a home, food, a car, a job, clothes, and you pretty much never went with out. Quit being so freaking ungrateful. Trust me this is not going to be the hardest point in your life.

Respect yourself. Please oh dear God. Just listen to me for once.

Save your money. You don't have to spend it the second you get it. You work hard to have a car and pay insurance but save your money you will be so glad you did.

Quit trying to grow up so fast. Take a deep breath. Slow down. And take it as it comes. You'll be grateful you did.

Be strong and independent and learn to stand up for youself with strength and dignity. Be classy and honest. Learn to listen it is an excellent tool you could use later in life.

Mostly Ashley love yourself. Please see the good in you and the truth in those around you. Learn to take a compliment and learn to trust. Find the Lord and submerse yourself in his undeniable grace. I promise you it will change you forever.


26 year old you
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