Monday, March 25, 2013

Sleep is my drug.

If I was one of the cool kids I would write this awesome post about how amazing my weekend was.
However, if by cool kids you mean sleep all day Saturday and get extremely excited over a 7 dollar robe purchase...

I was really excited about this robe. Also please note the Biebs in the background.

Yeah... I didn't think so.
On the plus side I got an extreme amount of sleep and felt like a million bucks.
I think I have an addiction.
"Hi, my name is Ashley and I have an addiction to sleep."

Sarah and I needed a nap.
Sleep Addicts Anonymous....?

Also I have been one crafty mofo lately.
Posts to follow on that little diddy.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend.

Me and my cupcake!
 I spent time with some of my favorite people I snuggled my dogs.
I grocery shopped. (one of my favorite tasks)
I watched movies with the family and hung out with the cutest 4 and 3/4 girl in the world.
Avrey was all tuckered out for sure

My fat nugget dog.

 bought a new purse.
I got some handy home organizing equipment.
And Papa Chuck will be re-dying my hair tonight.
That's right my dad dyes my hair. Jealous?
I got a little trick up my sleeve too.
Lets hope it isn't a disaster.

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