Thursday, March 28, 2013

So we're a match?

So I did it.
I took the plunge.
I was pretty nervous at first.
Terrified in fact.
But with some encouragement.
And the success story of this gal I just did it.
I signed up for online dating.
Now, now hold your horses y'all, I know I said that dating was for the birds...
But it kind of really sucks to be the only person you know who doesn't have someone to go out to dinner with.
And being the 3rd wheel is really starting to get old.
And well lets be honest conventional dating hasn't exactly been successful for me...

So I did it.
I signed up for online dating.
I signed up Monday.
And I have had one very promising inquiry.
And the more we talk the more excited I am to meet this person.
The great thing is I know exactly what his intentions are upfront.
I know that like me, he is looking for someone to spend his time with, a companion, someone to come home to after a long hard day.
It is so refreshing to know that the person you are interested in is interested in the same thing you are.

So in 4 days time I have become a believer.
I get it now.
This online dating stuff is legit.

However I am not gonna lie I have gotten about 60 messages from the strangest people.
Not like strange looking necessarily but who messages a stranger and talks to them like they have been best friends for years???
I literally had someone e-mail me and tell me about their business trip and ask me what my weekend plans were.
No introduction, just "hey whats up just got back from Arizona for a business trip how has your week been?"
So odd.
And what do you do if you aren't interested... do you respond and say hey I'm not interested or do you just not say anything at all?
So much to think about....
Not to mention I am a people pleaser so the fact that I might be disappointing someone or hurting their feelings makes me so guilty!

What I do know is Okcupid seems to think that myself and.... I gotta think of a good nickname hold on....
um lets call him "Ham" don't ask why just go with it ok?
Anyway Okcupid seems to think that we are 91% compatible.
So far I would have to agree, we have such refreshing real conversation and so far every day he asks me at the end of the day what my "high and low" of the day was.
It is nice to have someone who actually wants to know how my day was.

Oh and BTFW, he rocks a onesie to the movie theatre. If that ain't a match I don't know what is.
Yes I know I am getting ahead of myself.
Yes I know he and I could turn out to hate each other in real life.
I guess what I am trying to say is as skeptical and hesitant as I was, this thing ain't so bad you guys!
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