Monday, April 1, 2013

God gave me a suprise

So. Where do I even begin little chicken nuggets. So much has happened over the course of 1 week.
For starters you may recall that I said I took the plunge and made a profile on an online dating site.
It took all of a few hours for a promising prospect to come along.
I don't talk about it too much on this ole' blog but the man upstairs and i?
Pals. Love Him.
He knows what He is doing and I need to learn to become a lot more trustworthy of that.
Anyway my point is I used to say I would NEVER online date. But something inside of me stirred me and I thought what the heck why not!
So about three hours into having said profile up and running a match came along.
A cute one.
One who I had quite a bit of common interests in.
And he asked me if I would want to meet.
Friday was the day.
I had sweaty palms, I was sick to my stomach, my nerves were outta control, I actually contemplated not going.
But something stirred inside of me and I kept telling myself, "you can do this."
Boy am I glad I did.
After the first initial moments of me being Creep of the Week with my awkwardness we had this great conversation.
Intense deep conversation.
Too much for a first date? Probably for the average bear.
But I think we all know I am not an average bear.
He asked compelling questions that caused me to think and ponder and really reflect and do some inner soul searching.
He is a man who loves Jesus and puts that at the front of everything he does.
You guys he actually asked me if I would pray about our dating and ask God to show me what His plan is for us.
My heart melted.
I couldn't have been happier with my first experience.
We talked for hours about important things, deep meaningful conversation.
And I smiled the whole time and I didn't stop smiling all weekend.
God has given me a new perspective, a fresh and new look at things.
Maybe dating isn't for the birds after all.

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