Friday, April 5, 2013

I confess

I confess that I have more fun at work than should be allowed. I basically get to hang out with one of my BFF's for 8 hours and get paid. IN YO FACE!

Yep we do this at work.

I confess that I hate doing laundry.

I confess that I am addicted to my Keurig. Thank goodness I got a hook up at starbucks and get k-cups fo free!

I confess that I love sweet tea. But it must be sweet enough to taste like diabetes.

I confess that I have serious conversations with my dogs sometimes. I might need counseling.

I confess I already go to counseling. Several times a month.

I confess that Papa Chuck colors my hair. And I ain't mad about it.

I confess I have a terrible habit of pushing dudes away. But I'm really workin on that.

I confess I think I might be dating the male version of myself. Like fo rizzle, homeboy worries more than I do and he is constantly thinking of the worst. Holy cannoli lets just have some fun. Let go and let God homeslice.

I confess that this weekend in wine country with my sorority sisters is going to be a ball. A real hoot.

Our house, the doll house!

I confess that I really enjoy shower beers. Like something fierce. Drinking in the shower is so relaxing.

shower beer.

I confess that Bridgett and I are slightly awkward at work. We share far too much with people at work and they either love it or hate it. Life's a dance homeslice.

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