Monday, April 29, 2013

Lets talk about sleep apnea

So I had a little check up with my doctor last week.
We talked about the usual issues, ya know my anxiety, my healing rib, and my inability to EVER feel rested.
I think I sleep more than anyone I know. I love it. Can't get enough. I cold just stay in bed all day. And sometimes I do because I need to.

But I never feel rested. So we had some discussions about my sleeping habits, how I wake up multiple times through out the night, how I toss and turn, how I am a mouth breather at  night, how I snore but not in the usual fashion more like an angry gremlin... yeah it's hot.
Anyway after some discussion we have concluded I need to have a sleep study.
Because there is a chance I might need a C-pap machine.

AKA the adulthood equivelent of having to wear head gear at night.

So basically you I can kiss my dating life goodbye.
Let that soak in.
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