Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random Wednesday

It is one of those days at work that is painfully slow.
Like painfully.
My only saving grace is that God gave me the best coworker ever.
No like really.
We can talk about anything and she totally gets me.
Thank you Jesus.

Speaking of Jesus I have been thinking a lot about my job and why I enjoy it so much when sometimes I get treated so terribly.
A conversation with a certain online date I had who we call Ham sparked a fury inside of me.
Unintentionally he made me feel like my job was not "good enough". He by no means meant it that way but it is the way it came across.
So I took to my defensive stance and defended my job.
I realized very quickly that I'm in the position that I am in because it is where God has placed me. I get the opportunity every single day to serve God's people. Some of the people I see are sick, and don't have family. Some of the people I see are hurting and have no one. It is my job as one of God's children to love each and one of those people the way Jesus did regardless of how they may treat me. I am here to do God's work. He put me here to teach me compassion, patience and selfless love.
Not to mention if I didn't do the job I do I would never have had the chance to become close with a person that can understand things that happened in my life that no one else can.
Bridgett and I have experienced very similiar paths as far as marriage is concerned and it has been such a blessing to have her in my life to share that with and to share my feelings with and my faith.
So God has placed me right where I need to be. I work for God and no one else.

Speaking of that little Ham... what an angel. So this little gem has some talent. Musically speaking.
Last night we played name that tune except he would play something on the piano record it on his phone and text it to me and I was supposed to guess.
Guys talk about melt my heart cute.
He played me "Beauty and the Beast" because he knows that is my favorite movie.
Can we say adorbs???
Also later that night he facetimed me and we played name that tune again except he was playing the guitar and quizzing me.
He loves music and it is truly his passion the fact that he shares it with me melts my heart.

please ignore my fat face, dang that front view on the iphone

so there is it yall my first random Wednesday!!!

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