Monday, April 15, 2013

The trials and tribulations of online dating...

So remember how I told you all that I had taken the plunge and signed up for an online dating site?
Go here to read up on that little confession.
And then remember how my first online date experience was great?
Here's the story of that first online date.
So things were looking good, not a complaint.
That quickly changed.
Not that it went bad but it just quickly became apparent that we weren't really a 91% match after all.
And that is ok.
That's the point of dating right?
Anyway so I went on my second online date.
Guess what?
It wasn't bad either!
I might be really good at this online dating stuff you guys!
So some things I have learned about myself through this process?
I am a self sabotoger. I typically push people away because that is easier than risking getting hurt.
I have stopped doing that. I realized I was doing that and have worked hard at not doing that this time around.
I have learned that I am really good at communicating.
I have learned that I am really good at standing up for myself, something that I was incapable of doing a few years ago.

This online dating it's teaching me a thing or two.
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