Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh my I need some dating advice nuggets...

So I am imagining that all of you married ladies or the ones that have found the loves of their lives can remember back to that dating time.  Remember those butterflies and how you used to get nervous before each date? Or how you would stress over every detail, wait for every phone call and every text?

Yeah me too.

Except I have gone on a few dates with lets call this one "Hugh". And he is handsome, with a good job, funny, works out, crossfit trainer etc. He is kind of the whole package as far as all of that goes.

But no butterflies. No nerves. Last night I went over for dinner and wore yoga pants and a tee. It was our 4th date. And I can honestly say I haven't missed him at any point apart over the last few weeks.

No biggie you can't have wild unbelievable chemistry with em all right?

Here is the issue.... how do you tell someone you don't want to date them when they haven't done anything wrong. There is nothing wrong with him other than he just doesn't turn me into a giddy love stricken 15 year old...

Oh mercy now do you guys get why I say dating is for the birds???

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