Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pretty please with a cherry on top???

I just think it is so funny to see how much your desires and wishes change once you hit the ripe ole' age of like 24.
When I was 19 I would have been happy with a shopping spree at Forever 21.
Now let me loose in a Bed Bath and Beyond and I would lose it. For reals.
Is this sad or amazing?
I really don't know the answer.
Also I could spend hours in a craft store.
Or a grocery store.
Yep welcome to adulthood.
Now it is time for a little game called 19 year old Ashley Vs. 26 year old Ashley, the desirees of my heart.

Lets start with 19 year old Ashley:

19 year old Ashley longed for things like this...

* High heels. I'm talking the higher the heel the closer to God.

* 19 year old Ashley also really really loved things like Dooney and Burke and Coach.

* 19 year old Ashley prefered to drink things like this:

* 19 year old Ashley also liked to wear things like this...

Yes I did own this shirt. Gross I know.

Now onto 26 year old Ashley.

26 year old Ashley longs for things like this:

* Kitchen appliances. Any and all.

*Yoga pants. All day every day if I could.

* A sensible car with great gas mileage.

*26 year old Ashley likes to drink this now...

*26 year old Ashley's idea of a good time consists of napping, eating, and maybe a movie. At home.

Yep. It is official I am old.

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