Friday, October 26, 2012

A treehouse suckas

I want to live in a tree.
I want to live in a treehouse. Like BAD. Real bad.
But since I can’t instead I am headed off for an overnight adventure to one spectacular treehouse hotel.

Where I plan to frolic in the woods.
Climb my epic stair case to my house.
Roll around my loft.

Go for a full blown treasure hunt in the woods.
Pretend to be in the hunger games and shoot nerf guns and fake bow and areas at my treehouse companions.
Drink moonshine by the gallons.
Try not to plunge to a treacherous death as I navigate to the “outhouse” (something I am still not happy about)
Try not to get frustrated with going to said outhouse and instead pee off the deck of my treehouse.
Wake up in the morning wishing for death to come and take me because I will probably be so hung over.
So yeah I am going to a treehouse.

What are you doing? (please forgive my taunting attitude but c’mon how can I not)
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