Thursday, October 25, 2012

I have a child

The child that isn't really mine.
We all know how I feel about being a mom. 
So I have many reasons for this. 
About a million to be exact. 

But you want to know a really big one?
Because I was the devil in flesh as a child. I did all sorts of terrible things. 
Including but not limited to:
Calling 911 several times when I was around 4 for no reason at all but telling them that my mom had stopped breathing. 911 shows up and mom was normally folding laundry or doing dishes.
Kicking the screen door out of my window in order to sneak out of my room to go play at the ripe ole’ age of 4.
Mooning anything and anyone that breathed.
Peeing my pants like it was the thing to do. Sometimes even in the sand box.
Being brought home by the military police for trying to sell oreos out of a plastic baggy door to door.
All in all I should have been beat more as a small child I would say. (calm down all you liberals I don’t believe in actual child beating)

Anyway the point is I know what an awful little creature I was.
Why would I want to risk it and bring that pain down on myself?

 I don’t want to be in that world of hurt.
But I know someone who is. Her name is Tinisha. 
She is my sister. 
Not to be confused with Shaniqua.
 Yes my sister is my biological sister and yes my mom still tries to tell us my sisters name has no ethnic significance. 
She is high.
The point is somehow some way God reach into me grabbed one of my eggs and put it into my sisters uterus and BOOM she birthed my child.
She birthed a miniature me.
 My niece is me born again.
She hates being told what to do.
She already uses sarcasm.
She bosses people like it is her job.
She refuses to be told what to wear.
She pee’s her pants on the reg.
She marches to the beat of her own drum.
And she does stuff like this:

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