Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When a Husker meets a Badger at a bar...

It happened. 
I had to bite my tongue and behave like a respectful Husker fan to a Badger this weekend. 
It was hard. 
I mean real hard.
I wanted to tell him that I would like to stick my foot straight up his little badger ass but I refrained.
Instead I said "good game". 
He said let me buy you a drink.
And the rest was history. 

That is until I had a couple of shots of Jack and had to start arguing stats and why Nebraska will always be a football fortress of epic proportions.
I just don't like to be bothered with nonsense about "when's the last time you won a national championship?"
Here's a thought when is the last time you had a sold out stadium for 321 consecutive games or I dunno over 800 wins? 
I get real emotional when we start talking Huskers if you couldn't tell. 
I may or may not have been the only person in a local dive bar even paying attention to the TV let alone banging my fists on a bar and screaming like a wild animal.

Game day isn't complete with out a good Bloody.
But that's just how I roll.
Take it or leave it. 
Either way I just know that we won on Saturday and I nearly pissed my pants I was so happy.
Instead I just got good and drunk like a normal person.

I try to at least look like an acceptable young lady. I don't think I am foolin anyone.

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