Sunday, October 21, 2012

I suck at blogging.

Well it turns out I am an awful blog mom.  
In fact I apparently am the epitome of a badblogger. 
I just can’t seem to get myself to stay focused and ahead of the game.
Some reason coming home and putting on my footsie pajamas and curling up with a glass of wine calls my name after work. 
Staring at a computer screen for a fewhours after I just stared at one for 9 hours just doesn't sound like somethingthat I would enjoy. 
Not to mention I have been busy taking care of my highmaintenance fur baby. 
Let me tell you sometimes he drives me so insane I think I should find him a new home. 
At which point I want to punch myself square inthe throat because that’s stupid. 

Anyway enough about that.

Would you like to know what is happening in this little partof my world? Would ya chicken nuggets? 
Of course you do. Or you don’t I dunno at least like 30 of you do.

So my world. 
My world has consisted of a lot of work. 
I mean a lot. I travel for work. 
And by that I mean I drive within our region. 
Not the cool kind of I travel for work where I get to jet set from one cool city to another.
 I wish. 
In fact it’s my dream to be able to travel all over via jet for work. 
Now all of you start brainstorming how I can make that happen got it? 
So the last few weeks there have been times I am commuting something like 100 miles in a day for work. 
I just don’t appreciate that. 
Not when it is raining-side note I just took a call from a lady who was babysitting her granddaughter and she interrupted me to tell me her granddaughter was wearing potholders as shoes. Only grandparents could find something so simple so amazing. God bless grandparents I just adore them. 
Anyway what was I saying? 
Oh that’s right the rain is upon us. 
Which makes driving to work=miserable for life.
 But I will survive at least I get paid mileage right?
I have also been up to a lot of other things.
 Lots of them. 
But as any good blogger would do I thought I would make it into about 700 other posts so that you kids would keep coming back for more. 
We call that strategy in the biz.  
Because I am a biz professional obvi. 
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