Thursday, June 21, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So we meet again my little chicken nuggets! The last few days at the ole' place of employement have been quite an improvement from Monday. Thank goodness! How have my little nuggets been? What have you been up to I ask? Me just the usual, stalking facebook, twitter and my normal blog spots. Oh and rocking out to Justin Bieber of course. Shall we kick of this Awkward and Awesome Thursday? Lets do it...

1.     Answering the phone at work (which I happen to do a lot of, you know like 145 calls a day…not to brag or anything) only to hear the caller on the other end of the phone say “OH SH**” my response “Um excuse me?” caller “Oh that wasn’t for you don’t worry”… Ok I guess!

2.     Why is shaved meat so creepy looking? I am talking about the kind you get from like a Greek restaurant for gyros? A log of meat being shaved just creeps me out… creep of the week.

3.     Does anyone else find it totally awkward that I saw someone vomit in the waiting room at work? Yuck.

4.     When people catch me straightening my hair at my desk. Look, I hate waking up in the morning and it seems my coworkers could really careless if I roll into work with a full-fledged cotton ball of brown hair on my head. So unless I have something to do after work chances are its ponytail time or full frizzy locks. On the off chance that I actually have to show my face to someone after work you betcha I am sitting at my cubicle straightening my hair. But that does create an awkward moment when someone catches me…

5.     That moment when you think someone you know is pregnant but you can’t be 100% sure. What’s a girl to do?  Obviously keep your mouth shut until you see the prego pics hit facebook. But I am always so nervous I am going to accuse someone of being pregnant when they aren’t.


1.     Free lunches. One of the very best things about working at a doctor’s office is that we get free food like all the time. I don’t know if you can tell from (this) post but I like to get my eatin on. And what’s better than eating? Eating free food…boom shaka laka!

2.     One of my favorite people in the world Sarah D. She kinda rocks my socks off, and not in that way weirdos. She has been one of my best friends for like 10 years almost. Gosh we are old! One of my favorite things about Sarah that I can never ever resist laughing at is that when she gets really excited she Fred Flintstones. By this I mean she taps her toes on the ground or runs in place at a rapid pace. Once I was at her place of work chillin waiting for her to get off so we could get our rodeo rollin for the weekend and as I am aimlessly perusing the iPhone world when what do I hear gleeful giggles and the undeniable sound of Fred Flinstoning happening. I burst into laughter be assured. Oh those weird looks from the other people in the waiting room? Meh worth it!

3.     Finally I would like to give a huge AWESOME to Erin at Living in Yellow, just an FYI you totally helped inspire me to stop being a “wussy wuss” as you would say and dive into this blogging world! Here I am stealing awkward and awesome Thursdays and on top of that I am about 60% less productive at work because I read your blog all day… oops

4.     5 days off in a row. Gosh I can’t wait for you. You are just around the corner, I see you and when we meet I am going to love the heck outta you.

5.     Trueblood. I have recently become obsessed. And let me just say we are in a full blown relationship. Where have I been for the last few seasons?

My awesome Sarah D

Well nuggets I hope you have an excellent weekend, I hope you have a fabulous Friday and I'm out.

Love ya Nuggets!

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