Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hey Papa Chuck

It's Fathers day nuggets! That's right the day we all talk about how much we love our dads, how wonderful they are, how they made us who we are. I thought a lot about my dad and who he is to me this week and I thought I would tell him all the things that make him a great dad to me.

Papa Chuck,

You have given me my sense of humor, my ability to laugh in the hard spots.
You have given me a fighting spirit, one that tells me to never stop fighting for what I want.
You have given me acceptance even when I didn't deserve it.
You have given me support when I needed it.
You pushed me just enough to let me know I could do it all alone.
You came to me in my darkest hour.
You have shown me what strength and perseverance really are.
You have taught me that sometimes it is ok to give up, even if its not easy.
You have taught me that life is what you make of it.
You have taught me to chase my dreams, that the reward is always greater than the risk.
You have taught me it is ok to be afraid as long as you don't let it hold you back.
You have taught me to laugh at myself.
You have shown me its ok to be me.
You have shown me how to love.
You have given me your deep emotions.
You have been my biggest fan.
You have told me the truth when I didn't want to hear it and for that I am thankful.
Even when I have disappointed you, you have loved me.
You have taught me to be strong, independent and courageous.
You have taught me that sometimes the hardest thing is the right thing.
You have taught me to do what is best for me no matter what society thinks.
When I needed to walk away from my marriage you held my hand and supported me. Never once did you make me feel ashamed.
I love you and thank you for being a great father to me.

Alright nuggets enough of this sappy stuff! Lets now have a photo sesh with the Papa Chuck shall we?
Love my Papa Chuck

Also because to truly understand my dad, my Papa Chuck you have to know what a Papa Chuckism is. These little sweet juicy pieces of information are direct quotes from Papa Chuck about life. Kind of like Dear Abby but usually unsolicited. Ready for my favorite ones?

"When I get in a Taco Bell drive-thru I go buck wild. Its like I black out."
" Chuck Norris ain't got nothin on me. Chuck Norris sends me Christmas cards."
"Me- Hey Dad what kind of sandwich would you like" "Papa Chuck- I think you mean sammich"
" I make pneumonia my B*tch"
"Sometimes when I realize how much stuff I have to do I decide I need a nap before I do it."

No I am not making this stuff up kids. This is real stuff. But Anyway enough about my amazing, hilarious, Papa Chuck...
 I hope you all had a marvelous weekend! I have some juicy stories to tell but now is not the time nor the place! So Nuggets whats so great about your dad???

Love ya Nuggets!

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