Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fat Kid Friday (2 days late)

I would like to note that from here on out each Friday on my little blog will be known as "Fat Kid Friday". I invite each of you to join me on this adventure. What is fat kid Friday? A day where you forget your waistline, your diet, your hardcore workout routine, that you cried last time you weighed yourself... Oh was that just me? Anyway forget it all and let loose! I present Fat Kid Fridays.
So far today I have eaten:
1. A burrito for breakfast. Not a breakfast burrito a legit frozen burrito. Yum.
2. McDonald's which I only eat in extreme circumstances...
3. A mess of nachos at BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings)
4. Starbucks sweetened green tea lemonade
5. A whole mess of Jack Daniels (I realize this is not food)
6. Shrimp Tacos
7. Sweet Tea from McDonalds... AKA diabetes in a cup. MMMM

So there it is, not too bad for my first Fat Kid Friday!
And here my friends are a couple of really high quality snap shots I took on my fancy IPhone.

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