Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Rewind

          So I realize that a weekend rewind at 8:30 on a Monday is a little late, but let me explain. It all started when my alarm went off. And then I realized it was Monday. And then I realized I slept an extra 25 minutes... So what I am trying to say friends is this: My Monday was the epitome of what makes a Monday the worst day of the week. If only my job didn't have all these crazy privacy laws I would tell you all about the bat shiiiat crazy people I got to deal with today. But I can't. But to show you I mean business today I will provide you with this glimpse of "therapy" I am currently engaged in....
BareNaked Moscato....mmmm thank you counselor!

Yeah it's that serious. Not even a half glass thats a full 12 ounces X2(aka i am working on glass #2) of moscato in that redneck wine glass. Jealous? Well maybe of the glass but not of the reasons why I am drinking such a tall, blonde treat?

 Anyway, I digress, we were going to talk about my weekend right? Well lets get this thing started shall we little nuggets! (BTW have I ever told you guys that nuggets is a term of endearment? It is so be glad that I consider each and every one of you that takes a moment out of their day to read my thoughts one of my precious nuggets!) I thought I would do this through instagram photos. I would use a real camera like a real blogger but I happen to have lost oh I dunno 3 4 cameras in a 6 month period so I was cut off from purchasing cameras for awhile. Thus you get Iphone photos or really old photos.... sorry nuggets!
  • First of all I was mad happy when 6 o'clock rolled around on Friday. I was off work headed home! I cuddled my little fur nuggets for a brief moment before I hopped in the ole' rig and headed up to a little place called Sequim. Sequim is basically a twin to good ole' Seabeck where I am from. Its basically a bunch of redneck hillbillies out in the country. PERF!!!
I love the NW in moments like this, my drive to Sequim
Why was I headed there you ask? Well do you remember me talking about my blind date in this post? Well he invited me to his neck of the woods for dinner. But get this he was making me dinner! In my 25 years I can honestly say no boy, guy, or man has ever made me dinner unless he was being paid. In fact when I was deathly ill and all I really wanted was hashbrowns I had to beg and plead my ex to make em for me... hence the word ex... but that is a whole nother story! Anyway so he made me steak (because he is a man) with blue cheese and mushrooms, mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. I was hesitant but it was DELICIOUS. Of course I also had a bottle maybe more of wine to wash it down... and a few vitamins(ranier beer). Hey it wasn't just the two of us some of his friends were there. Needless to say I was thinking I was gonna be sooo hung over... then that sweet little angel handed me this.....
2 Ibprofin+1 multivitamin+2 fishoil supplements+1 antinausea pill+1 8 ounce glass of water = no hangover for me!

The Hangover cure. Can we say keeper? Its too soon to tell don't get excited ladies and gents.

  • Saturday really rocked my socks off because it consisted of some of my favorite things. I got to watch my sweet little baby cousin, who isn't actually a baby anymore, graduate from highschool. I am so proud of her because she has had it rough the last few years but she stuck it out and graduated against the odds. Not to mention my whole family was there, which means I got to love on my nieces and nephews! We went out to lunch after and I got to love on em even more, stuff my face, and have a delicious beve! Oh thank  you saturday! How did I spend my evening you ask.. napping. Oh yes I napped my heart out. I literally laid down at about 5 and didn't get up until 9. Yeah I know rockin wild night. But it was sooo needed and I feel like a million bucks now.

  • Sunday consisted of my dad crying like a wheeping willow at my "Hey Papa Chuck " post. Such a sap that guy is. We spent the day doin what we do yo! We hit up a farmers market... where I stuffed my face and bought some fresh produce for that evenings feast. Then we mosied on over to a nursery where Papa Chuck ooh and ahhed at the plants. That man loves to garden like its no ones business. After we posed for a few pics and bought a few plants we headed home. Papa chuck and the Hanah Banana headed off to a movie and I stayed home and prepared a feast. Shrimp, Steak, Salmon, veggies, and baked potato salad. No one went hungry at our house. We washed it all down with a cold beer or two. All in all a pretty fantastic Papa Chuck day!
Bella was not pleased with this.

Ahh sunshine!
Because I was having an excellent hair day.
Because Papa Chuck LOVES garden balls, and well I just couldn't resist saying I was surrounded by BALLS! Please ignore my double chin I would apreciate it.
Papa Chuck just shoppin along! I know ladies my dad is a looker, can you believe he is 51!!!
How bout you nuggets how was your weekend? Better yet how was your Monday! Here's to hoping it was a far better day than mine and that your glass of wine is pure joy and a whole lot less therapy!!
Oh PS Papa Chuck just came down stairs to tell me and I quote " I AM ABOUT TO DO SOME SERIOUS SNACKING". Yep, thats where my double chin came from. I mean my stunning good looks duh!!!
Love ya nuggets!
incase you needed a reason for wine....
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