Sunday, June 10, 2012

Awkward Socks Sunday

Let me tell you a story. Its about a girl who lives in the world and loves all things awkward. So from here on out I will tell you all the awkward things that happen to me each and every Sunday. My favorite way to categorize awkwardness it by giving out a few awards. Creep of the week, Awkward Socks etc. So lets get this little shindig started and prepare yourself for the awkwardness that is about to come your way.
  1. Throwing up in your car. Yes I said throwing up in your car. And yes it has happened twice in the last week... Obviously I need to cut back on the booze.
  2. Your 12 year old step brother walking in on you changing.Thank goodness I wasn't naked.
  3. Making statements like "Well I am quite furry". I will admit that I can grow a mean amount of leg hair. I am without a doubt an actual grizzly bear. Over a fine snack I literally told my friend with smugness that I am "quite furry". You're welcome
  4. The looks I get when I cruise through work without my shoes on. I despise wearing shoes at work. Not because I can't wear comfortable shoes mind you. I just like to be barefoot at work. I hate shoes.
  5. Taking pictures of random strangers having their wedding photos taken. She had super awesome hair ok?
  6. Peeing in your friends back yard in broad daylight because you beat her to her own house. Oooh Yeah!

And there you have it loves, my awkward week all packaged up for you. Next Sunday should be really awesome because well I have a blind date, BOOM!

Love ya nuggets!
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