Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I love about Wednesday...

Howdy all! Today while I was whipping up a fantastic dinner my sweet step mamma Hanah Bananas asked me how redneck I was. First I said well you know like 1/4. I quickly followed that up with "Who am I tryin to kid I am at least 1/2... I love to pee outside, shotgun beers, I have several flannel shirts, I like to shoot guns..." About that time I thought I should just stop talking. BTW that has nothing to do with what this post is about. But it felt like something you guys might like to hear about... Oh you didn't? TOO BAD!
        So what is "What I love about Wednesday.."? Well its a compliation of the things that happened that made me smile today! Who doesn't love to hear about things that make people happy? Let me get started!
  1. I went to Target on my lunch break... why might you ask? For a light bulb. What did I leave with? This sweet little angel!
brand new duvet cover yes please!

2. My friends who know me so well. I got this sweet gift to help me with my emotional eating. AKA instead of eating all that food why don't you just beat the crap out of it Ashley? Oh don't mind if I do and thanks for lookin out for my muffin top Jeff!

3. My Dad. Besides the obvious reasons he has been crackin me up all night!?! He has been spouting off with some major "Papa chuck-isms". Very soon my friends you will learn what a "Papa Chuck-ism" is. Basically he has said a few things today specifically like " When I look at Bella (my white fluffy dog) I think that if I ever ran out of toilet paper I could just use her to wipe my butt. And then I could just call her Sh*t stain!" Real Nice Papa Chuck. This is where I must get it from.

4.This little Nugget. Gosh ain't he cute? He is currently whinning at me because I am bloggin instead of cuddling. Soon after I took this photo I laid on the floor coaxed him closer to me and then snatched him up. Now he is sitting in my lap. He loves life right now. Jealous much?
Gosh he is fat...

5. My sweet, sweet, sweet nectar rum. Not just any rum but my boy Jerry. MMM.... Oh sorry was that uncomfortable for you?


6. This delicious din din I whipped up.... Yeah I may or may not have forgotten to take a picture before I ate it.... oops? Still looks pretty divine though right?


Well kids thats it what I love about Wednesday! How bout you what do you love about this fab Wednesday? I dare ya to dive into that one head on!

loves ya my little nuggets!

ps. I just claimed my blog on Bloglovin! EEEK

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