Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My 101 in 1001...My adventure to find myself

I saw a lot of different people on their blogs talking about "101 in 1001", I thought to myself what an awesome challenge! I felt compelled to take on the challenge. Around the same time I started following a few different blogs. I started thinking to myself I should start a blog... I love to write! So what better way to begin my blog then with my 101 in 1001. So I am inviting you to follow me on this unique adventure where I will face some fears, relax, cut loose, and live! I hope you enjoy getting to know me as well as I will get to know myself on this adventure! As I mark em off I will keep you posted on the story that goes along with it! First thing to mark off my list? Start a blog!

My 101 things in 1001 days

1.      Go sky diving

2.      Go on a road trip with my best friends

3.      Run a half marathon

4.      Go rock climbing

5.      Travel to the east coast

6.      Go to 5 places featured on diners drive ins and dives

7.      Take a trapeze class

8.      Take a stripper pole exercise class

9.      Donate blood

10.  Give up caffeine for a month

11.   Go to the zoo

12.  Take a dance class

13.  Take an art class

14.  Take a cooking class

15.  Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day

16.  Go cliff jumping

17.  Go skiing

18.  Dye my hair a crazy color (I tried to dye my hair purple, well the underneath anyway but it didn't work out...BOO)

19.  Get a harry potter tattoo

20.  Have a garden

21.  Make homemade pasta sauce and pasta

22.  Don’t eat out for a month

23.  Spend a whole day at the beach

24.  Have a harry potter marathon

25.  Donate my hair to locks of love

26.  Watch a meteor shower

27.  Go snorkeling

28.  Try a pint of butterbeer

29.  Have a paint fight

30.  See Justin Bieber in concert  (Oh how sweet it was)

31.  Learn how to sew ( I learned to knit that counts?)

32.  Go to Las Vegas

33.  Eat only bacon for an entire day

34.  Travel off of North America

35.  Swim with dolphins

36.  Do a man vs. food challenge

37.  Book a ticket and just leave

38.  Go to a Seattle Sounders Game

39.  Move out of Kitsap County

40.  Have a garage Sale

41.  Sell my wedding dress

42.  Go paint balling

43.  See a Broadway production

44.  Vacation during Christmas

45.  Visit Yellowstone

46.  Go on vacation alone for at least a weekend

47.  Drink no alcohol for 1 month

48.  Go horseback riding

49.  Quit facebook for 2 weeks

50.  Go camping

51.  Swim in the ocean

52.  Ride on a new roller coaster

53.  Build a sand castle

54.  Visit Europe

55.  Go a day without my IPhone (this happened and not by choice. Lost the ole iphone for 48 hours!!)

56.  Learn to knit

57.  Lose 15 pounds and keep it off

58.  Eat at one of Paula Deens restaurants

59.  Go on a blind date

60.  Visit the Grand Canyon

61.  Meet someone famous

62.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter

63.  Find a pen pal

64.  Do a cleanse diet

65.  Go ice skating

66.  Pay off my debt

67.  Go on a sailboat

68.  Catch a fish

69.  Go to the batting cages

70.  Register on the National Bone Marrow list (06/06/12)

71.  Write a letter to myself to be opened after 101 things have been completed

72.  Have a bacon bloody mary

73.  Make a quilt from Sorority t-shirts

74.  Get my passport

75.  Complete a corn maze

76.  Enroll in college courses

77.  Go one week without hitting snooze

78.  Read 25 new books

79.  Own something from Tiffany’s

80.  Walk my dogs every day for 1 month

81.  Go to a wedding

82.  Do something special with each of my nieces and nephews

83.  Start attending church regularly

84.  Start a blog (06/05/12)

85.  Plant a tree

86.  Kiss in the rain

87.  Shoot a gun

88.  On December 22, 2012. Go outside in underwear and celebrate still being alive

89.  Get rid of 101 things I don’t need

90.  Make a recipe book

91.  Travel somewhere new for my birthday

92.  Visit the Portland farmers market

93.  Try  a spin class

94.  Get a facial

95.  Give someone new a compliment every day for a week

96.  Visit California

97.  Buy a new Betsey Johnson piece of jewelry

98.  Spend a day with my mom

99.  Go Hiking at Lake Cushman

100.   See my mom stop smoking

101.   Deposit $2.00 for every task completed!

Love ya Nuggets!

Designed with love by BDD