Thursday, June 7, 2012

These are my confessions

I was cruisin the blogosphere today while I was hard at work and got inspired! Maybe you guys might like to know a little bit more about what makes Ashley "Crashley"? What's the cheese to my macaroni? What made me decide to start bloggin? So I was inspired by a little post I found on a friend of mines blog, Meghan at Shine on! I love her blog its witty, refreshing, real, and truly makes you feel like you know Meghan after a few posts! Check her out here, anyway Meghan had a guest post called "7 confessions" so I thought I would steal it and start confessing!

First, let me say this about myself, I am without a doubt the biggest drama queen. I whine, I complain, and I think I am dying a slow miserable death whenever I get a cold. Yes, I am way overly dramatic. But, at least I know it right? I'm workin on it k?

Second thing I am a 25 year old college drop out divorcee... Yep. Some one just give me a sign that says "makes excellent life choices". Not my finest choices to drop out of college or get married at the ripe age of 20; but I learned a few things about life and myself during those hardships! I don't regret doing what I did when I did it because at the time it was what I wanted most and it was what I "thought" was going to bring me eternal happiness. But at 20 who really knows what "eternal" happiness is. (says the 25 year old)

back in college!

Lets get to number three... I am a furmom to Rooskey and Bella! My two fur babies are the moon to my shine! They are the Ron to my Hermione. Gosh I love those two little nuggets! Be prepared for about a trillion and a half pictures of em!

Speaking of moonshine that brings me to number four. I do love me some booze. But not in an "I'm an alcoholic I need a drink" kinda way. I just mean I enjoy a drink or five with my friends. I recently made my first batch of applepie moonshine, it was to die for! I love me some Jack D, in fact its probably the healthiest relationship I have been in in YEARS! Thus where Crashley originated...

I was thirsty?

Something I love more than booze but less than my furbabies? Number five food/cooking! I love to eat, I love to cook, I love to talk about food, I love to talk about how much I love talking about food! If you can eat it or cook it I want it in my life. Why am I not a chef you ask? Well because I tend to be slightly picky about meat and fish...I feel like if I was going to cook it for other people I need to be sure it is perfectly divine and if I can't taste it because I don't enjoy that specific meat or fish how could I be sure... But I would love to have a restaurant one day! Like a little comfort food place....ahh the joy I would have. I even have a menu planned already! I am most happy when I am in the kitchen!

I do love buffets...

Hmm the next thing you might like to know is that I am not even slightly sarcastic. I am as serious as they come. I don't believe life is about laughter or any of that stuff. I like to take every thing serious. ALL the time. Obviously.

So serious. Always.

Lastly let me tell you that If you ever speak ill of these few things the wrath of a honeybadger is going to rain down upon you...
Paula Deen
Will Ferrell
Harry Potter
My family
our troops

I will come for you!

So there it is kiddos  few facts about yours truly. I hope that gives you a little insight into what makes me tick; as strange as it may be! So happy to have you stop by be sure to come by again soon!

Love ya nuggets!

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