Monday, June 25, 2012

I love to pee outside.

You might be a redneck if....
Howdy, remember in this post I mentioned that my step mom asked me how redneck I was? Well I got to thinking… just how redneck am I? So I thought I should probably list the reasons why… So here goes it kids:
I love to pee outside. Like really I would rather. Parking lots, lakes, behind trees, friends backyards. I even used to take pictures of an old boyfriend when he would pee outside…not like that of his back geez pervs! I love it. I feel like a free spirit.

I really appreciate a good flannel. Yeah don’t get me wrong plaid is technically stylish, well I think? But I love me a good flannel. And I especially love a good man in a flannel.

I could sing along to just about any country song. Turn on hip hop and I am lost. BTW I am 25 not 45. I should probably be listening to those sweet beats but instead I love to be serenaded by Eric, Luke, and Hunter.

I love camping. But not like fluffy camping. I mean tent, fire, sleeping bag, no showers, outhouse camping. I love it. I live for the days when I get to be at Banks Lake in the middle of summer.

I think “jeeping” or “wheeling” is a legit date activity.

I also think “goin shootin” is a legit date activity.

There really is something bout a truck…

I love a good dive bar. My favorite one? The local saloon in good ole Seabeck where I grew up.

I at one point lived in a double wide.

 My family is from Nebraska.

I love to shotgun beers. And said beer should probably be Ranier or Busch.

I love walmart. Yes I said it.

I love me some Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Moonshine makes me happy. And not just because I am drunk.

Duck Dynasty makes me wanna move into the nasty dirty south.

I have a dirty mouth.
Just the usual business...

beer batting one summer...
Not only am I white trash due to my gut but those are walmart sunglasses. I was desperate ok?

Jeepin on a Sunday afternoon
at the range in Texas.

note me in the background...alone in the depths of the water...
white trash Christmas anyone?
On a four wheeler as usual.
Flannels and Elk decor, need I say more?
Just a typical chat.
 Yeah I might be a redneck. Maybe I will go find a cousin or something. PYSCH… that’s gross.
So Nuggets how redneck are ya?

love ya Nuggets!

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