Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is this for effing real?

So let me just say that shit is about to get real. I have worked really hard at keeping profane language like that off of my blog but today it is completely neccessary.

So as some of you may know I have been playing mommy this week, and although I hate to admit it it honestly hasn't been that bad. But don't tell my sister that or she will start asking me to do this more often. Anyway, I have used it as a good excuse to pour a cold tall one every day regardless. So I think I have done a pretty good job. No injuries to speak of, they still have all their teeth. I have fed em pretty good (no surprise there) and I even managed to paint their nails last night. Did a mighty fine job if I don't say so myself.

Where was I going with this? Oh thats right I had a flipping fabulous day!!!
So you know how sometimes you stumble across a blog that you love? Like you instantly say to yourself holy tits this girl is basically me!!!! Well I have been having a lot of those moments lately as I explore the blog world but today was a real treat. So I spent what would normally be a boring day in my cubicle, stiffling snorts of laughter, almost peeing my pants, and muttering a ton of OH MY GOD's. It was a good Wednesday. Seriously, finding a person I can relate to in the blog world makes my job about 1 billion times more bearable due to the fact that the crazy people I have to talk to on the phone don't drive me quite as insane. Thank you blog world I love you.

So even though I woke up an hour late today and nearly gave my two nieces a full blown heart attack as I ran through the house screaming "GET UP RIGHT NOW WE ARE SO DAMN LATE" I was only 25 minutes late to work. That makes me a certifiable badass. This means I packed two lunches, served two breakfasts, took a shower, dressed two kids, fed three dogs, and dropped two kids off at daycare and still made it to work only 25 minutes late. BOOM. I might be a good mom after all... BAHAHAHAHA!

Did I mention that motherhood ends for me in about 45 minutes? AHHH yes that means I need a new excuse for this drinking every day after this work business... hmmm any ideas?

Oh my family is coming to visit! Did I mention that little golden nugget? Well they are. I love my Grandparents, they freaking rule. Like they are the old people who have been married for 50 years still hold hands and my grandpa still opens the car door for my grams. How adorable is that? I die. They haven't come to visit since I was wearing overall dresses and jelly shoes. I was in 4th grade. Usually they make me pile myself onto a plane fly to the midwest in the middle of summer and sweat my balls off to see them. So they are hopin on a big ole plane on Saturday from Nebraska and flyin on up. I plan to enjoy every moment with them those cute ole bags.  Oh and in their honor I am taking off a few days from the ole 9-6er AKA my job. Obviously I have the 4th of July off but I opted to take the followin 2 days off thus giving me Thursday-Sunday off. You bet your ass I am excited. I am not going to do a thing except stuff my face, blog stalk, drink and hopefully if the weather cooperates tan my pasty skin. I was a bit anxious about this because I started a new job a few months ago and I am not supposed to be able to use my earned time off until after my 90 days. Well this mammasita hit 90 days two weeks ago so I have been waiting patiently for that PTO time to show up on my HR account. It didn't show until today so you can imagine how I was sweating bullets wondering if it was going to show up before my time off. Not only did it show up today but I got myself 50 hours of vacation time suckas!

I feel like I needed to tell you guys something else.... well at this point I am 3/4 of the way done with my rum and splash of coke so my thoughts are eluding me... Anyway the point is I love blogging and I had a pretty fantastic day. Tomorrow I am thinking about telling you guys all about the proper way to go fishing? Eh any takers? Well we will see. Oh and just because every post needs pictures, well at least thats what all the real bloggers tell me I will share some pictures from my week of motherhood....
This is my "what the hell was I thinking face" as I was trying to get ready and had two minions watching me.

After painting Avreys nails she flailed around on the floor to dry them.

We start em young in this family. Chillin at the bar on a Sunday

Slave drivin. Get to work Minions!!!

My excellent attempt at capturing me drinking my mommy drink while blogging.

Don't mind if I do captain.

BTW that sucker is empty... this was from Monday...

Out. Note Harley has a hand down her pants. A real class act.

I did my best to exhaust them. Please be aware we were in the driveway I did not snap this photo while driving.

Alright Nuggets I think I showed motherhood who was boss but who really knows. All I know is I am pretty stoked to sleep in my bed wake up an hour later each day and bascically continue to be awesome.

Love ya Nuggets!
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