Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dear Crashley and the 15 day challenge...

So I was a little late with the usual Dear Friday but I had a few things to say! Also, Sarah over at Life of Love is hosting an awesome link up challenge! Check it out over here! This also means I am writting a ridiculously long post today... but I think you guys might get used to that eventually....

Dear Sunday,
I love you. You are my day of rest. But instead of resting I will be hangin with my BFF and eating some of my favorite things in the world. Grammy is here and she is cookin up a storm!

Dear Grandparents,
How excited am I that you two sweethearts finally loaded on a plane and came to Washington all the way from Nebraska. I love you and I can’t wait for you to spoil me rotten with food and love. Yes Grandma, don’t forget that even though you are on vacation you will be cookin up your special beef and noodles. It must be done.
Look at those angels.

Dear Ryan my little redneck,
What is there to say to you other than if you still want I will gladly break your leg so you can stay here. Please be safe and come back in one piece.  Remember to update me frequently and to stalk my blog for entertainment while you are away. Please know that I will be thinking of you every day and will do my very best not to worry myself to death. This goes for my little ginger snap as well and perhaps even Big Bird even though we know he and I are too much alike to get along. Please hurry back and don’t do anything to worry me or sweet Angela while you are gone. Oh PS. Please tell Angela she can forward my holiday gift boxes to my home address while you are gone.
More on the proper way to fish another day.
Dear Crashley,
You’re behavior as of late has been quite acceptable. Because you have not recently gone on any crazy binge drinking fits, lost any valuable electronics, fallen and caused bodily harm to yourself, got into a crazy screaming match with anyone who looks at you or your friends sideways or anything remotely similar; I am concerned. It makes me feel like your time in the spot light is coming. Please do me a favor and keep yourself in check. Your sober side much appreciates it. As does your body, friends, family, and bank account.

Keep it together Crashley...

And now for the 15 day challenge......
15 fun facts about me... oh mercy... well I'll give it a go I suppose!

(1) I love gravy. Like I love it, on anything and everything. Best Gravy ever is from Lucky's Cafe in Cleveland.
(2) I was a competitive gymnast when I was in elementary school.
(3) I love Husker football, I once threw a drink on a friend for talking trash. I might have been kind of drunk...
(4) I write a food column for a magazine as well as this lil ole blog!
(5) I am suprisingly socially awkward for being in a sorority and having to be able to talk to a wall during recruitment!
(6) I hate to work out but I love to play sports!
(7) I hate to shave my legs which is unfortunate because they are really hairy, but I do get them waxed!
(9) I am the youngest of 3 and the only one with blue eyes. I don't like definitively like either of my parents.
(10) I am obsessed with Harry Potter. I didn't start reading them until I was 17 and I read all of the 5 books that were out in 1.5 months time.
(11) I ran the warrior dash last summer while having mono. I don't recommend it!
(12) I have 3 tattoos all which I have gotten in a 1 year period. They all mean something very special to me!
(13) I love to cook and one day would love to own my own catering business or restaurant.
(14) I am terribly, ridiculously unorganized and especially HATE to fold laundry.
(15) I have never traveled off of this continent and it needs to change REAL FAST!

Alright kids this is super long sorry, hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

love ya Nuggets!
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