Thursday, June 14, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Have you guys heard of Awkward and Awesome Thursday? Well if not you don't know what living is! Let me just tell you that I may or may not spend hours at work I mean at home reading through Awkward and Awesome posts. So I decided Awkward Socks Sunday was going to join the crowd and become Awkward and Awesome Thursday! Shall we begin? Lets do it nuggets!


1. I will be the first one to admit that I like to wander all about the work place without shoes on. Bare foot, with socks on etc. I don't care as long as my piggies are free from whatever shoes I was forced to wear to work. So it was just another barefoot Tuesday at my desk when I realized that maybe... just maybe my feet might smell... yeah that changes things real fast.
2. I do not typically find anything that happens in a bathroom awkward. I mean I lived in a sorority house so c'mon I got used to sharing a bathroom. Anyway, what happened the other day put the socks in awkward socks. I stroll into our bathroom at work and the light is off. Typical the light is always off if no one is in there. As I flip the light on what do my keen little ears hear? A toilet flush. I made sure to sprint my little toes into the stall quick as a fox so I didn't have to face whichever co-worked of mine had decided to do her bidniz in the dark wouldn't know who caught her. AWKWARD
3. I am personally giving my creep of the week award to the man who has a stellar voicemail message. Anyone who has a voicemail message that says the following deserves an award: "hey its me. Everyone says to change my voicemail so uggh be a vegetarian. Oh and text me it works better." UUUUGH what? Don't mind me while I eat this chicken...
4. So I went on a blind date this week. Probably my most favorite thing ever... Apparently when you get divorced at 24 everyone thinks it is their moral obligation to set you up with the person they think will be the cheese to my macaroni.
  1. Let me tell you the story of a magical little nugget who I just adore. He has a sweet mop of luscious hair, he is a boss, and he is my nephew. Why is he so awesome today? Oh because he learned to walk. I witnessed him taking his first steps that's why! Well that's not completely true... he was rude enough to take his first steps in the privacy of his own home without his entire family present. So what I witnessed the other day is what I will forever believe to be his first steps. He is a wolverine and he is a boss.Oh and by the way he is only 10 months. BOOM!
    What a boss.

    2. My Justin Bieber tickets. Oh sure my 26 year old sister in law had to sign up to be an official member of the Bieber fever fan club so we could get our tickets on presale but its a whole lot better than throat chopping an 11 year old in her throat to steal her tickets... Oh simmer down I wouldn't really do that... I'd pay a bigger 11 year old to do it for me.
    3.My Step Mom Hanah for making me this epic amazing and awesome custom header for me. AH what an Angel. I love her something fierce. Plus she also told me I was the best cook ever today. I just about tinkled I was so happy!
    4.Have you ever heard a Guatemalan woman get all worked up? Because I have. You haven't lived until you have heard one get her panties in a bunch. Oh mercy me it makes my day. It almost makes me want to start watching Spanish soap operas. But than I think I would be putting this in the awkward section...

    Well kiddos I hope I was able to make you laugh, make you smile and think about all those awkward and awesome moments you've had. Until next time love bugs!

    Love ya nuggets!
    PS. Thanks Erin at Living in Yellow for this brilliant idea! You rock my socks off lady! If you haven't checked Erin out I dare ya too! Unless you don't like laughing. Then you are just sorta lame.
    Go see Erin right here please!
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