Friday, June 15, 2012

Dear Friday

Dear Friday,
Why do you always take soo long to get here and pass me by so quickly?I do not appreciate it.

Dear Dad,
Thank you for not only letting me be a freeloader and live
with you but also for making me coffee when I get out of the shower in
the morning because you heard me come home at 12 am last night on a
work night. You are the best. Oh and while I was out last night thank you for creating me a work place of my very own in the office. You really are my hero!

Yes thats me and my dad. Jealous much?

Dear BFF Sarah,
Please do not keep me out until 12 am on a work night ever again. I am
cursing you right now even though I love you dearly.Thank you for constantly reminding me that we are young and need to live it up. Who cares if you look like this at work the next day right?

You looked like this last night! Love ya!

Dear Sweet Avrey Monster,
You are a shining light and the fact that you are so super stoked that
Mommy and Daddy are “Leaving for 5 days and you’re gonna live with
me!” bring so much joy to you really really rocks my socks off. You
are AMAZEBALLS kiddo!

Dear Raven,
Thank you for making me laugh so hard I almost pee myself at my desk. If you don't know who Raven is please go find out right now.

Dear random old men at my local dive bar,
Thanks for entertaining me with your drunken antics last night; little
did you know I got a picture of you sweet old dudes and a video.

Dear Eric Church,
Marry me please? I mean, I know you technically already are married
but hear me out… We both love Jack in our Coke, we both were born in
North Carolina, and we both just need a drink in our hand to be happy…
sounds like to me we are made for each other. Oh and I also like
mustard on my fries.

Marry me!?!?!?!

Dear my wonderful cousin Trenity,
I am so proud of you for graduating High school tomorrow and for all
your hard work and dedication even when your own parents didn’t
support you. You are one determined gal and I love it. Don’t let
anyone hold you back because you are gonna do big things my dear!

So proud!

Dear Chelsea Handler,
Thank you for making me feel ok about my love for booze and my lack of
dignity. You are my soul sister.

I love you.

Love ya nuggets thanks for checkin in on me! Have a FABULOUS Friday! Oh and thanks to Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds for letting me steal Friday Letters! Go check her out pretty pretty please!

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